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…our regularly scheduled program will be back as soon as I’ve finished my final exam this week! =)

Stay safe, stay healthy…May God bless you & keep you!

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The Life of a Procrastinator

“A lazy fellow has trouble all through life; the good man’s path is easy!” (Proverbs 15:19)

I meant to post this first of, I hope, many word search puzzles on Saturday as the theme is Easter–both the secular celebration and the faith-based reason for our celebration. Yesterday would’ve been okay, too. As always, a day late and a dollar short. It gives me moments of angst, of guilt and shame, which I try desperately not to indulge, but this is the life of a procrastinator.

And, no, I didn’t necessarily procrastinate about the puzzle…just everything else I needed to get done before Saturday (primarily homework!). I enjoy solving word searches. And I enjoy creating them. The latter can be even more fun and challenging than solving the puzzle afterwards, which I also do after I create them to make sure I haven’t left anything out. In this first one, there is a message found in the remaining letters after all of the words are found and circled/crossed out (depending on how you prefer to mark your word search). There is also an extra “X” at the end. Consider it a kiss blown in apology for the late posting of this puzzle. May God bless you & keep you! The goal is to produce one once a month.

And, for anyone who just saw the uploaded attempt, you know this didn’t work so I am providing a link to the file. It is a Word document. Hopefully, you will not have any trouble opening it. If so, message me below and I will try to remedy.

My apologies for any mishaps!

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