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Meet the Animals – The Girls

Though this post comes a few days’ later than planned, no homestead would be complete without the constant chatter and song of a flock of chickens. I apologize ahead of time; some of them did not want to cooperate by posing or even giving me a “heads-up” (literally) but, hopefully, in time, they will grow more accustomed to their celebrity status and start giving a few cameos. Without further ado, meet my cackling flock of ladies:

This is Flame. Though she refused to turn around and only presented her back to the camera, she truly is a lovely lady. Flame is an Americauna chicken. Americaunas’ eggs have either blue or green-colored shells. They are often referred to as Easter Egg chickens. I don’t know if the blue/green coloring is natural or something that came from genetic modification to produce these colors (I mean, how labor-intensive is it to dye Easter eggs???). Flame is one of the older ladies on the farm. She is 6 years old this year and, while her egg production is not as prolific as some of the younger girls, she still manages to provide a few spots of color in each carton of eggs.

Sylvie, another Americauna was equally uncooperative about the camera. Sylvie is one of the younger gals. She is 2 years’ old.

Rae, another 2 year old Americauna, was even more uncooperative and, the only shot of her I was able to get was this one (below) of her running away. Ho-hum…

Group shots work well! The Americauna in the center of the picture is Sunset. She is another 6 year old and, like Flame, retiring from her job of egg production, giving only the occasional spot of color here and there. It’s all good. Culling is only done on this farm if there’s a threat from one animal towards the others. The lovely red lady in the bottom right corner is Connie, short for North Conway. Connie is a New Hampshire Red and the only one left in my flock that is a NH Red. The others, Manny (Manchester) and Winnie (Winnipisaukee (sp?)) were lost last year; all three were named for towns in the State of New Hampshire.

These two ladies are Kiel and Basa, my two Polish hens. They are nearly identical. When they are right next to each other, Kiel is a slightly lighter gray color with a few black polka dots on her back.

Goldie is featured in both of these…as the one that got away and, with one of the Plymouth Barred Rocks, with her tail up to the camera…sorry! Goldie did the chicken run thing every time I drew near; I will keep trying. Goldie is a 2 year-old Buff Orpington.

Prudence, a 6 year-old Plymouth Barred Rock

Faith, a 2 year-old Plymouth Barred Rock

A group shot of Hope, another 2 year-old Plymouth Barred Rock; Crow (left) and Raven, two Black Australorps.

Phantom, another Black Australorp–all three Australorps are 2 years’ of age.

And last, but not least–and it must be a Silkie thing because Miss Taffy had absolutely no qualms about being photographed at all.

Next up? Ducks!

May God bless you & keep you!

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