A Writing Habit

This is another short post but, another benefit I’m finding from this public office here at the local coffee shop, or public library, depending where I land, is that when I am at home in the actual home office, I write.

Internet accessibility? I read my emails. I read others’ blogs. I touch base with friends and loved ones on Facebook. Nothing wrong with any of these activities but I am finding that, without the Internet at home, when I decide to sit down to write, with only Word available to me, I actually do just that. I WRITE! Suddenly, I’m re-working characters, getting back in touch with all of them, developing them so that they are more three-dimensional. And I’m loving it. I actually feel like a writer. And, of course, I’m adding content to my book. It’s no longer collecting cyber-dust.

Now, if I could only convince the local library to open their doors for more than 3-5 hours per day, I might be able to write longer posts, get more homework done, and even squeak in a few more Treehugger articles. Ho-hum!

Maybe just a little break from having 24/7 Internet access until I truly develop that writing habit. Instead of indulging the distractions. Keep our fingers crossed!

May God bless you & keep you!

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