More Little Crises

Domino is doing much, much better. He and the other goats had a second dose of dewormer on Friday; they will receive a third treatment in 10 days’ time. His stool is back to normal. Appetite still not quite up to snuff but he is eating again; he was completely off his feed before. And, as he’s a little overweight, I’m not going to quibble about it too much…so long as it doesn’t go on for too long and he continues to thrive. He’s full of pep these days rather than the slight lethargy he was displaying a little over a week ago. Fortunately, this little crises has been easy to treat. The goats love the taste of the de-wormer so there’s been no trouble getting it into them. (Now if they would show as much enthusiasm for hoof trimming…) In fact, Domino keeps nuzzling my hand for more, even after he’s had the full dosage. He’s also becoming more lovable and affectionate as he starts to feel better. That makes “Momma” feel better!

A month ago, I blogged about Mom’s dog, Max, peeing blood and having to make an emergency run to the vet. The vet diagnosed him with two separate, tick-borne diseases, Lyme and Anaplasmosis (Hope I’m spelling that last one correctly…). The vet put him on doxycycline and he did fairly well with it until the day before his re-check visit. Max stopped eating. He also started developing symptoms of a urinary or kidney infection, straining to pass urine but only producing a small trickle, at best. However, when we took him in Friday for his visit, an attack of nerves had him suddenly leaking everywhere. His vet put him on a different antibiotic to kill the infection but he is being scheduled for something called a full senior panel. As he is 8, going on 9, he counts as a senior. I’m not sure what all this encompasses but, in short, they want to make sure everything inside is working correctly. The vet’s main concern was the leakage but, as soon as we left the office and headed home, the leaking stopped. And it has stayed that way. Off the doxycycline, his appetite has returned and he’s also much more himself.

However, Max did not visit the vet alone on Friday. Pearl rode shotgun. I came home from work Thursday evening and Pearl came running to the door to greet me as usual. Halfway across the living room floor she suddenly stiffened and rolled a couple of times. Stopped, got halfway up and rolled again. Scared the crap out of both of us. My worst thought was a seizure of some sort. Or a stroke. (Can cats have a stroke?) However, it has proved to be an inner ear infection that was affecting her balance. She, too, is on antibiotics and seems to be thriving again.


I am so grateful that all three of these fur-babies are healing; I keep thanking God for each little triumph on the road to wellness again. 2016 was a rough year here at the homestead, with the loss of several geriatric pets, and even a couple of youngsters (Squire the psychotic rooster met his end suspiciously after challenging Sargent Feathers earlier in the day…Alice Cooper, my beautiful flame-point kitten, curled up for a nap in his kitty bed and never awakened); enough already!

They say trouble comes in threes. I’m not sure who “they” are but they seem to know what they’re doing. I hope “they” are right. Mommy’s heart–and her pocketbook–need a break!

May God bless you & keep you!



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