Getting Back in the Groove

I’ve heard it said that it takes 21 days to make a new habit. That makes sense, actually, because it takes time for that habit to become ingrained. And, for some of us, simply remembering this new habit can be the challenge. However, I don’t know as if I’ve ever seen data about how quickly a habit can be broken. It seems like a much shorter process. It only took me 2, maybe 3, days to break the early-morning yoga/blogging routine. And, I’m thinking, much more than those 21 days to get back into it.

I have MISSED blogging. Every day that I spent knitting, looming, painting, my fingers were itching to get back at the keyboard. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy all of these activities. But, there is a fine line between enjoying that whole creative process–whatever the medium or creation–and having your home look like a warehouse or assembly line. Due to that ol’ bugger Procrastination, I kept putting off making my Christmas gifts until that final moment. And then I crammed.

That happens a lot. I tend to motivate under pressure…and panic. As, I blogged earlier this week, I am determined to break this habit. But, in this case, it means developing a better habit to replace it. It means becoming that self-starter. Again…

Years ago, Thanksgiving would arrive and I would have already finished my Christmas shopping/creating (depending on which) before this holiday, have it all wrapped and would spend Black Friday filling out and mailing Christmas cards early. I would put up the Christmas tree and have it decorated so it could be enjoyed throughout the whole yuletide season. This year I didn’t even put up a Christmas tree. I got lost with Overwhelm, the buddy of Procrastination. How on earth did I fall off this bandwagon??? I can’t even remember the point where it all fell apart. But I am determined to rekindle that fire, that Something, inside of me that had me pumped so early in the season. I enjoyed it more.

And it is not exclusive to the holiday season.

Life seems to have gotten away from me. Maybe because I keep trying to take control instead of letting the One who is truly in control take charge. Maybe it is because I keep looking at the calendar, seeing that time running out, but, for some strange reason, think it will slow down for me long enough to catch up. Maybe I simply overcrowd my life with too much “busy” work. Or I simply have abandoned the discipline I used to have to put down that book, that magazine, that game or puzzle that has captured more of my attention than things more important. Maybe it’s a little of all of these things.

But this year, I am waging a war on it. I’ve been in this ‘blah’ sort of slump for too long. And it shows. I’m still searching for that accountability partner though…

May God bless you & keep you!


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