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A Quick Little Note…

“Someday” I will learn not to procrastinate. “Someday” I will have made all of my Christmas presents ahead of schedule and not be cramming to get them finished–plus cramming on end-of-term assignments–and, alternately, goofing off with a good book or a quick game on the new smartphone that leads to several more.

Yup. I’m my own worst enemy. I have been dragging my backside for days now. The overwhelm that comes with last minute holiday ANYTHING has me by the throat. “Someday” I will start early enough that this “push” isn’t happening but I can slow down and savor the holiday moments. But “someday” isn’t today so a quick blog post to let everyone know I’m still in the land of the living. (Chuckle) And I have so missed blogging. There’s a certain peace that steals over me as I’m typing, a peace that we all should be looking for at this time of year–but a peace of a different sort, the ultimate peace that comes with Jesus.

Okay. Breathe. I know you’re all with me on this one. ‘Tis the season…but He is the reason for this season.

May God bless you & keep you!

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