Wednesday’s Weed Walks and Meanderings

Though it has been Friday’s Flora and Fauna, I am thinking that “Wednesday’s Weed Walks” might be a better title because Wednesday might be a better day to schedule blog posts about various herbs and wild edibles. I seem to either be missing them–like yesterday–or else, they feel rushed to me. Fridays are my only days off of work. I figured that might be a good day to do the research so that I could provide a good posting about whatever herb or edible I was writing about. But Friday is also my day for all the “busy” work that takes over all of our lives. Yesterday was no exception.

Of course, yesterday a.m., after tending to all the myriad creatures that share this homestead with me, I grabbed breakfast, a cup of tea and a good book. I am an eternal bookworm. It was raining outside, windy and raw. The perfect weather for such a thing. But there was also a list of places I needed to go, things I needed to do. Mom and I shared a second cup of tea together then headed out.

We haven’t been grocery shopping in months. Little side trips to “pick up a few things” but nothing major. I also needed some herbs and we both wanted to pick up some books. In Danielson, which is the next town over from us, there is a second-hand bookstore that is just awesome. I know I’ve blogged about “Pourings and Passages” before; it has become a favorite. Granted, one must accept and make do with whatever has been donated to the store as it deals with second-hands, not current publications. Still, we find some great books. And, while they are second-hand, they are not that second-hand…i.e. so old as to be obsolete. And you can’t beat the prices. I came home with 5 “new” books for under $9. Mom did likewise. And, of course, we’ll share them with each other so we both have more than we bargained for.

Next stop was Homestead Herbs in Sterling. Bob runs a modest-looking store. In fact, it is so far off the beaten path that word-of-mouth is pretty much the only way one is likely to find it. But it is neat and clean, the herbs are organically-grown, the prices are better than reasonable, and best of all, the resident feline, Patches, is openly loving and affectionate. I restocked on a lot of culinary herbs–including some vanilla beans to make homemade vanilla extract; our bottle has gotten quite low as Mom and I both love to bake–as well as some green tea to better maintain my asthma, and both Echinacea and Slippery Elm to brew my singers’ tea. (That may be Wednesday’s Weed Walk…) After making our purchases, we chatted with Bob, paid more homage to Patches–as was her due–and did likewise to Goldie’s grave. Goldie is the former resident feline. She lived to be 22 years old so Bob must be doing something right. And, like Patches, she was openly loving and affectionate; must be a prerequisite at Homestead Herbs. We left the herb store and decided we were hungry so we stopped at Jade Garden for some Chinese cuisine. While there, I chatted with friend, Jasmine, one of the proprietors, and then we hit the road again to Aldi’s, Big Y and, lastly, Walmart’s.

It was pouring out when we finally made it home. Numerous trips to and fro, bringing in our purchases, had us both a little wet but, all in all, it was a productive day. Albeit, also an exhausting one, as well as an enjoyable one spent with Mom. I could’ve slept a little longer this morning but that may be the rain that’s still falling.

May God bless you & keep you!


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