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I am One with the Grizzly

No, I’m not in a bad mood. As always, when I’m at the keyboard writing and/or blogging, I’m in my “zone” and all is well for as long as these fingers keep typing.

Outside, rather than the crisp, fall air that one would expect for early autumn, it is chilly, damp and overcast. I keep waiting for the leaves to really start changing, heralding that autumnal splendor that defines autumn in New England. Trees ablaze with glorious bursts of color: brilliant red, myriad shades of orange, warm gold, and sunshiny yellow. Such vivid colors warm the heart and, despite poetic references of trees dying, in autumn I feel that much more alive. Of course, it is only September and that autumnal splendor doesn’t usually hit until sometime in October here in Connecticut so I sit and wait, somewhat impatiently, for the change…even as I look at the mountain of chores still to be done in preparation for the long winter ahead.

I’m not bemoaning the cooler temps; I feel blessed by them after such a humid and intolerable summer. However, I’m finding that, like the trees that go dormant (not dead) for the winter, paradoxically, though I feel more alive, I also want to make like the grizzly and curl up for a long winter’s nap. I confess to sleeping a little later the last couple of mornings…and trying not to berate myself when I do, knowing my body is telling me clearly what it needs. The summer’s humidity made healthy, deep sleep next to impossible; now my body is trying to make up for all the loss. I try to curb my impatience with this cycle, knowing that not paying attention to it may trigger another bout of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I’ll really be one with the grizzly!

In addition to sleep, another part of this autumn wind-down is the sudden cravings for heartier foods. I haven’t given much conscious thought to the whole macrobiotic diet thing–eating with the seasons. It is supposed to be one of the healthiest ways to eat and, when I’m paying attention, I find that my body instinctively gravitates towards the seasonal foods. Where I looked to more fresh fruits and juices in the summer months, now I’m turning to squash, pumpkin and turnips–my favorites. Instead of snacking on a wedge of watermelon, I want roasted pumpkin seeds or pecans, all of the flavors of the fall harvest.

I don’t know much about a grizzly’s eating habits but it makes sense to me to consider that they probably consume a considerable amount of food before they go into their hibernation; humans, also being animals, following suit makes perfect sense–even if we don’t sleep through the whole winter wonderland.

May God bless you & keep you!

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