I am a minimalist…until it comes to paperwork/information. Then I save everything. The home office has been inundated with Post-Its and piles of books, magazines, print outs, etc. that I’m saving for “Someday”–you know that day. It never really gets here.

Yesterday morning after I hit “Publish” on my blog, I started sorting through all of the piles. And, really, just transferred them to different piles. Instead of a hodge-podge, each pile now has its own theme. One pile is nothing but file folders of information that I decided was worth keeping: recipes for everything from smoothies to DIY cat litter; how-to’s on making bio-bricks for the woodstove; sprouting; gardening tips, etc. These will go in the file cabinet. And, yes, they will be perused–or, at the very least, I will know where to find the information when I need it instead of creating a new hodge-podge going, “I know it’s here somewhere!”

Another pile is nothing but those Post-Its and I’ve decided to transfer the information to a single, spiral-bound notebook for easy reference. This one may stay on the desk as I’ve noticed most of the Post-Its are links to various websites. Some of them feature tiny houses; others, alternative building designs such as cob, straw bales or “earthships”. There’s a link for animal supplements and organic feed sources. And another for a portable solar panel. About a third of the Post-Its are books that I’d like to read, whether solely for pleasure, self-help or, in some way, related to homesteading and/or the environment. And some will have to be transposed to maybe a cheat sheet as they contain usernames and passwords I’ve created to join this group or that online. (Considering the wonder with which I’m re-finding this information, I can’t have been that enamored of the group in the first place but, who knows? Maybe the Universe is now ready for me to finally participate…)

The last is a pile of notebooks and I have little idea what is in them. I know some of them contain notes from my classes, and also, writings, character developments, etc. But they can’t all be just that. (Chuckle) Then again, you never know.

As I traverse this journey into a more organized work space, I shudder. Perhaps a neater, more sterile environment will create a short-circuit somewhere in the creative genius. Let’s hope not. There’s a whole lot more I’d like to share.

May God bless you & keep you!


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