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I watched this video this morning (the link is below…) and felt a nagging little tug. I have many of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity but, as the video describes, sometimes the tests come back negative and, even when they come back positive, switching to a gluten-free diet doesn’t always completely solve the problem (though it is a huge step in the right direction). I also went to this physician’s website and, when I can afford to, I may become a certified gluten practitioner–I can’t think of a better service to offer as a holistic healthcare practitioner. Our diets are killing us. And, while no one achieves immortality, I think enjoying a better quality of life while we are on this planet is worth striving for.

I think it was Confucius who said, “You are what you eat.” We eat a lot of garbage. Some of it comes from the food industry itself with its packaged this and processed that, and its long list of preservatives few can pronounce without babbling. It is in our water and our soil, both necessary for growing the foods our bodies need to eat, from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. There is also something in the process of even so-called natural foods that can affect our health adversely. No, please don’t give up eating entirely but more and more we are hearing about gluten sensitivity. Gluten is found in most breads, cereals and pastas–even whole wheat varieties that are considered healthier for us. And it is being linked to autoimmune diseases such as Celiac’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, even Alzheimer’s and Diabetes (O’Bryan). And, while the media tends to link it primarily to wheat, it is also found in rye, barley and triticale.

So what is gluten? I found two separate definitions online. One: A substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. A mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with Celiac’s Disease (pretty generic). And two: The tough, viscid, nitrogenous substance remaining when the flour of wheat or other grains (barley, rye, triticale) is washed to remove the starch. In other words, if this latter definition is correct, it is already naturally in grains but it can also be purchased separately for the creation of greater elasticity in breads and pastas, and is often added to our processed, packaged diets. I actually bought a box several years ago–before I knew what it was–for bread making. It was right there on the shelf in the baking section of the supermarket. So it is a common ingredient. The danger is that our modern diets have been inundated with it so much that our bodies cannot handle the overload. It all comes back to that old adage: Everything in moderation. Of course, if you’ve already been diagnosed as gluten-sensitive, or worse, with Celiac’s Disease, going gluten-free is now the more sensible choice.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan has written a book entitled, “The Autoimmune Fix”. I have not read it yet but it will definitely be on order soon. Does this mean that it will suddenly become gospel? No. But knowledge is power. And it doesn’t hurt to learn as much as we can about what we are putting into our bodies.

May God bless you & keep you!

http://www.theDr.com (this is his website with more information on this subject)

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