Unsolved Mystery…

My new class started yesterday so I spent most of my day holed up in the home office…which smells a lot like acrylic paint right now due to the mural-in-progress but that’s neither here nor there. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that I went downstairs and found the mail that Mom had brought in and laid on the counter for me. I was both puzzled and surprised to find a package addressed to me. Puzzled because the yoga DVD’s I had ordered last week arrived on Saturday and the textbooks for this new term had arrived the week before. So I wasn’t expecting anything.

There was a moment’s pause before I opened it. Though it was addressed to me, the sender was someone who called themselves “Lipstick Librarian” (!??!!) and there was a reference to Ebay. This was definitely not something that I had ordered; I think I’ve only been on Ebay once. So all sorts of things went through my head. My birthday’s not for a couple of months–and as I’m reaching the half-century mark, I’d rather not think about that at the moment–and it’s definitely not Christmas. Sad, in this day and age with so much violence and terrorism, that my next thoughts turned to the anthrax scare of several years ago even as I grabbed a pair of scissors to open the package. Eh, an unexpected package with no known sender? My vivid imagination was in danger of getting the better of me.

Inside was a copy of Rodney Yee’s A.M. Yoga for Beginners in VHS form–just like the one that was eaten last week. Again, sad, I assumed, momentarily, that Gaiam had sent me duplicates. But the package said Ebay and this wasn’t another set of DVD’s. Was I being charged again? I thought briefly of identity theft but usually the victims of such do not receive a gift in exchange. So how did I receive a set of VHS tapes identical to what I’d recently lost? There was no invoice or paperwork of any kind saying where this had come from…or who was “Lipstick Librarian”. So I went online to Ebay. I did find a seller named Lipstick Librarian so this is obviously the name of someone selling merchandise through Ebay but not necessarily the person(s) who sent it to me. I had to create an account on Ebay to find this information…and to find contact info for Ebay. I called Ebay and, I must say, they were very helpful and courteous. The young lady I spoke with suggested that maybe the package had come to me in error. When I reiterated that it was addressed to me, she seemed surprised. She asked if I had an account with her. I told her, “Yes, I just created it 5 minutes ago; that’s how I got your number.” That rocked her even more. She did some checking and assured me I was not being charged for the tapes as they did not have any billing information for me. So, for the moment, it is still a mystery though she assured me that Ebay would look into the matter, contact the seller, and see if they could find out who sent them.

So, now I have a mystery on my hands.

When I went back downstairs after talking to Ebay, Mom and I both agreed that it was definitely too much of a coincidence (of which I don’t believe) that a replacement set of VHS tapes arrived only days after I posted here about losing one of them. I confess, now that the threat of alien abduction is out of the way, I am more than a little touched that someone thought to send them to me. I just wish I knew who it was so that I could thank them personally. However, as it is fairly obvious that the gift was prompted by last week’s posting, I am hoping that this friend is also reading this post today. Thank you very, very much for your kindness and generosity; you made my day! I don’t know if the anonymity was intended or not but it makes the gift all the more special. I don’t know who you are but He does. And I am asking the good Lord to bless your life even more richly than He has mine. I hope that someday the mystery will be answered so I can give you a big hug of thanks; for now, here’s a big cyber hug coming your way.

May God bless you & keep you!

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