A Quickie

I had 3 alarms set last night and not a single one of them went off this morning. How is that possible? And, before anyone assumes I simply slept through them, well, possibly–anything is possible. But I tend to be a very light sleeper. Field mice walking by will awaken me. Fortunately, I awakened on my own but not until 5:35. What’s up with that? On any other day I would still have 2 hours to sit here and blog but today is Saturday, my early day at the dealership. Hence, the title: A Quickie.

First, most have probably noticed the lack of blog postings on Fridays. That may change; I have something a little different planned for Fridays–more about that next Friday–but suffice it to say that Fridays will start to have a theme. Friday is my one day off from pretty much everything: dealership, religious responsibilities, volunteer work, etc. There may be–and usually is–homesteading responsibilities as it is the one day I don’t have to “be” anywhere by a specific time so I can get a lot of chores done (I guard my Fridays fiercely…). But I am really growing to like blogging and, over the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking that I’d love to write something with a little more substance. Again, more on that in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, instead of blogging, I went outside and began trimming back the bittersweet that has been twining itself around the big Rose of Sharon bush in back of the house. Bittersweet is more than just a nuisance. It will strangle everything else in the yard if not kept in check. Despite the overgrown status of the yard, I really strive to keep this one at bay. During the Master Gardener program in 2011, bittersweet was in the top 10 of invasive species. And for good reason. Yesterday, after pruning it back from the Rose of Sharon, I happened to look over to my left on the way back inside. The western boundary of my property is marked with a line of evergreens. I noticed a line of pale green leaves twining up amidst the pine needles. On closer inspection, I found more bittersweet–and, if the thicker, woodier branching is any indication, this one has been here for awhile. I managed to clip all of it back and away, which I know may spread it more, but I didn’t want it to kill the evergreen. And, if this boa constrictor of the plant world has its way, it will.

Definitely have to get some portable fencing for the side lot; my goats have a job to do over there.

May God bless you & keep you!


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