An Unlikely Inspiration

As a dyed-in-the-wool metal head, Dolly Parton being an inspiration seems a bit unlikely but, here I am, at 5:14 a.m., having been awake since 3:45 this morning, pounding away at the keyboard. Actually, despite my love affair with metal (and, I confess, at nearly 50 years of age, I tend to gravitate towards symph (or lighter) metal rather than today’s I-can’t-sing-but-only-growl heavier metal), Dolly really is a favorite of mine. In interviews she has a plucky sense of wit and humor. She’s intelligent. She’s down-to-earth. She’s also God-fearing. And I have always considered her music well-written, the gentle delivery of her songs resonating deep within. I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that some of her CD’s are tucked into the shelves between Megadeth and Within Temptation. But that is neither here nor there.
In trying to establish myself as a writer, I have been kicking around different times of the day to devote to writing; midday always seems too fraught with distractions in the form of “to-do” lists and chores. With a homestead to care for–more specifically, the goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and cats that will often make their own schedules each day–working an evening job, a very modest practice in Reflexology, Reiki and Touch for Health, and being a full-time student working towards a degree in Creative Writing, finding that time has been a bit of a challenge. Because I work evenings, I have been leaning more towards writing after work when all of the chores and “have-to” obligations are completed but, by then, the brain is toast and I can’t seem to string two words together that make sense even to me, never mind someone else trying to decipher them. And a recent interview with a career coach emphasized the importance of blogging today in the literary world. So I’ve been kicking around those times, hoping to develop a more consistent blogging routine.
And that’s when I saw the little blurp in a magazine. I can’t even tell you which one. I was either in the laundromat, or else, reading it during lunch at work, but it was an article about the effective habits of successful people and rising early in the morning was dubbed as a fairly universal habit of successful people (early bird catches the worm?). In this article, Dolly Parton was quoted as saying that she does her best writing at 3:30 a.m. Now the quote could have been bogus; I have no way in knowing whether or not Dolly Parton really does get up at such an early hour to write her songs and such but, it seemed a hopeful choice. And one that actually resonated with me.
I tend to be an early riser no matter what hour I go to bed. The early mornings are a great time to do some gentle yoga stretches, pray, meditate, visualize and recite some positive affirmations. It’s a quiet time. Most of the world–at least the local one just outside my door–is still abed, the crickets are still chirping outside my window, and there’s a certain peace that settles over the soul with the first rays of light coming over the horizon, heralding the opening notes of daily birdsong. (Can you tell I just finished a course in Nature Writing???) It is a good time for allowing the creative juices to flow as the inner critic seems to slumber on at least until sunrise.
I’ve only been at this super-early rising routine for a few days but, I confess, I haven’t really needed the alarm; I’ve been awake before it goes off. That’s a good thing because it tells me that I’m not depriving myself of sleep and, to deviate a little from the subject, one of my psychology textbooks linked the common practice of many of hitting the snooze bar repeatedly with the increased potential for developing Alzheimer’s. The text recommended not using an alarm at all, if possible, because it is that startled awakening that does some of the damage.
Anyway, I am digressing…
But I am also blogging.
Allowing Dolly to influence me in this capacity is perhaps a good thing. She has long been a part of the eclectic mix of music that helps fuel my inner muse…and, at this hour of the day, a little less offensive playing in the background as I write the next bestseller than, say, Doro–whom I love just as much–but we’ll save the queen of metal for that much-needed jolt of energy in the afternoon. At this hour of the day, it’s a little overkill.
The sky is just beginning to lighten now so I will sign off and say, “Good morning to you all!” And may God bless you & keep you!


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