Another “Small” Miracle…

Perhaps it was because I hadn’t left to pick up the free weed whacker yet when I wrote the last post but there is another miracle attached to the freebie weed whacker.

I left the following Monday morning to visit my Aunt Cheryl and to pick up the weed whacker in question.  In addition to needing a weed whacker to tame the jungle most folks call a lawn, I had sent a silent prayer to God to help me as I was running low on hay for my rabbits and, having just “adopted” 8 more from a friend, that hay was running out rather quickly.

The day started like any other.  I went through my morning routine of yoga, prayers and care of my beloved menagerie of critters.  Around 11 a.m. I got in the car and started east on Route 6 in Connecticut bound for West Warwick, Rhode Island–an almost-full hour’s drive.  I wasn’t thinking about hay at all but I do remember being a little in awe about the way the weed whacker had come into my life and also, being thrilled to share some time with one of my favorite aunts (and I know I shouldn’t have “favorites” but Auntie Cheryl is only 5 years my senior so she’s more like my sister than my aunt and time spent with her is always time well-spent).  =)

Anyway, I was just approaching the Rhode Island/Connecticut border when, lo and behold, what should I spy sitting in the middle of Route 6 completely intact and undisturbed?  You guessed it…a bale of hay!  Talk about manna from heaven.  I’m guessing it fell off a truck that had passed that way not too much before but what are the chances of my coming upon this gift from God at just the hour of need if not for His intervention?  Even more miraculous was the lack of traffic on Route 6 at that hour of the day.  I was able to pull right over, pick it up and place it in the backseat of my car.  All the way to my aunt’s house, my car smelled of sweet, fresh hay (not exactly the healthiest aroma for an asthmatic but I am too grateful to care) and my bunnies have been enjoying it for about a week now.  It is really good hay, too–no dust or mold and at least a 2nd cut because there aren’t any weeds either.

I am well and truly blessed.  Praise the Lord!

God bless you and keep you!

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