Not Exactly a Floodgate But…

…A trickle of interest in my writing again.

I’m almost afraid to write it for fear it’ll jinx me and I won’t come back for months again.  My writing habits have been all fits and starts.  But I’m enjoying it and that’s the most important thing.  I’m starting to feel renewed and invigorated.  Writing is at my core and something I have been neglecting for so long now that I’ve felt half-dead and convinced there’s been something inherently wrong with me.  That’s not a good feeling.

Now I’m even beginning to feel some stirrings where the fictional writing is concerned but, sssh, let’s not rock the boat…

Another “trickle” is a small but definite miracle today.  My lawn has gotten absolutely atrocious with it being thigh-high in some areas.  Walking through to the back compost pile, I pick up at least a half dozen of ticks and a dozen mosquito bites.  Granted, we have had nothing but heavy rains for almost 2 weeks but it was overgrown before the rain.  At this height, the old lawnmower isn’t likely to get through it anyway and the weed whacker died last summer; being unemployed, I haven’t been able to replace it.  I need a weed whacker so the other morning I prayed to God to bring me one–somehow, someway.

Today I picked up my pay for some petsitting I did this week.  Though I could certainly use the extra money, I decided, having become totally fed up with the overgrown jungle and finding exploded ticks all over the house that the dogs bring in on a daily basis, that I would purchase a weed whacker with part of that pay–but only if I could find one for under $40.  I did.  I found one at Home Depot for $32…with tax!  Praise the Lord!  I was really proud of myself.

Then I made my next stop at the library to read my emails.  And this is where the answered prayer and miracle occurred: my Aunt Cheryl posted a message for me on Facebook that she had a weed whacker and, if I wanted it, I could have it.  Wow…a small lesson learned about the virtue of patience and waiting on the Lord…and also, a renewed boost of faith that He truly does care and is taking care of me.  And the receipt for the one I purchased is in the car so I should be able to return it.  Hallelulah!

Now for the secondhand laptop that I might enroll in the Pastoral Ministry course from Ohio Christian University…He works in mysterious ways.

God bless you & keep you!

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